College is not only about receiving an education. It’s about getting to know your peers, making new friends, maybe changing your major a time or two, and ultimately growing as a person. Getting involved at your school is really beneficial on your journey to your degree. It helps you build stronger personal skills, gives you extra activities and organizations to add to that dreaded resume you’ve been neglecting, can increase scholarship opportunities (which we all could use), and really just gives you amazing experiences you will take with you for the rest of your life.

So how does one “get involved” you ask? Well, you could start by finding out which organizations your campus has to offer. I took the liberty of finding some for you! The following are organizations offered to students on campus, as well as students online:

  • Student Government Association
  • Lambda Nu
  • Phi Theta Kappa, International Honor Society
  • Sigma Beta Delta, International Honor Society
  • Leadership Distinction Program
  • Peer Tutoring Program
  • Student Veterans of America
  • Student Nurses Association
  • Student Occupational Therapy Association

For more information on these organizations, view our catalog.

Also, KU has fundraising initiatives throughout the year for a variety of organizations. For example, right now we are doing our statewide fundraising initiative for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This is a great way to give back to your community while you’re a student.

Don’t have the time to commit to a club? Many campuses offer non-club related volunteer opportunities.  The Miami campus frequently participates in Farm Share events, while our Melbourne campus joins in on Stand Down events with the VA.  Contact the student services department at a campus near you to find out which programs or activities are right for you!

Another great way to stay involved in your school is by actually reading those newsletters and calendars you normally throw away! I know it sounds crazy, but they contain useful information that could help you as a student. They can inform you about upcoming events or news that you might be interested in. So make sure to grab one from your campus or, it’s even made available online at the KU website.

Follow KU’s social media pages! You will find information on what is going on at different KU campuses and their programs, as well as events and activities taking place campus-wide.  You may learn about events taking place that you would like to replicate at your campus.


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Being that KU is a non-traditional university, as a student, it might seem hard to really get the feel of a campus life. However, KU offers different organizations to engage students and involve them in campus activities so that students can get that well rounded college experience. So take advantage of the opportunities provided to you by contacting your school and volunteering a little of your time. Trust me when I say it will be worth it!