Jacksonville students in the Forensic Science and Crime Scene Technology classes at the Jacksonville campus benefitted from a Blood Spatter Seminar taught by Detective Kim Long of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  In this seminar, Detective Long talked about the importance of evidence gathering and crime scene processing.  Detective Long stressed to the students that the crime scene investigator must remember that the location, distribution, and appearance of bloodstains and spatters may be useful for interpreting and reconstructing the events that produced the bleeding.

Bloodstain pattern interpretation may uncover:

  • The direction from which blood originated
  • The angle at which a blood droplet struck a surface
  • The location or position of a victim at the time a bloody wound was inflicted 

Bloodstain pattern interpretation may uncover:

  • The movement of a bleeding individual at the crime scene
  • The approximate number of blows that struck a bleeding victim
  • The approximate location of an individual delivering blows that produced a bloodstain pattern 

Information on Detective Kim Long:  Detective Kim Long is a dedicated law enforcement Detective with over 22 years of criminal investigation, forensic and interviewing experience. Certified expertise in forensic science techniques and the processing of physical evidence at major crime scenes. Detective Long is Senior Crime Scene Detective responsible for the overall management of evidence in over 350+ major crime scenes. Accountable at all scenes for the collection, documentation and preservation of crime scene evidence. Developed and reviewed investigative reports for the State Attorney’s Office. Testified in court as a certified expert in crime scene forensics, bloodstain pattern, and shooting reconstruction.  Detective Long has instructed at the Northeast Florida Training Center of Jacksonville and is currently an instructor at CSI Academy of Florida.

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