The Occupational Therapy Assisting  students at the Melbourne campus celebrated Occupational Therapy Month. The students organized an open lab event for the students, faculty and staff to increase awareness of Occupational Therapy and the many areas in which we practice. Those who were attending were given a “problem area” associated with a diagnosis.  The Intake Student Therapists  escorted the client to the OT team with expertise in the area.  The specialty areas included: Fall prevention through balance activities; Sensory seeking and avoidance behaviors were managed with environmental modifications such as music and lighting, weighted vests for proprioceptive input and movement patterns such as rocking and spinning. Individuals with use of one hand were educated in the use of adaptive equipment to regain independence and those unable to stand due to a spinal cord injury were shown sliding board transfers. Others were measured for range of motion, and given exercises to improve while hand strength and dexterity was measured through standardized testing and clients were given different activities to manage deficits.   Many other activities were provided as well, and there was positive feedback from the students as well as the participants!

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