LAKELAND – The Lakeland campus beat the heat at their Stay Cool Open House event. Fortunately, the weather cooperated long enough for everyone to have some fun at the carnival-themed shindig. What’s not to love about an event that has a high-jump, a dunk tank, ski ball, an indoor boutique, live music and a variety of food choices?! One of the biggest attention grabbers of the day, real-life-rock-em-sock-em robots…kids could get inside the machines and box their opponents robot-style.

CLEARWATER – At the Clearwater, open house there was a bounce house, dunk-tank, hot dogs, chips, cookies and along came Skylar. Students, faculty, staff all had a great time-sharing this event with Clearwater community.

TALLAHASSEE – The Tallahassee campus held its’ 40th Anniversary Summer Carnival Open House with staff, faculty, students, alumni and community members in attendance. Events included performances from local dance troupes, cake walks, bouncers, dunk tank, PC cleaning by IT faculty, raffles, program information tables, free refreshments and music from local radio station 107.1

PEMBROKE PINES – Pembroke Pines held their “Stay Cool” Open House with opportunities for attendees to participate in a lab scavenger hunt, play video game demonstrations, and get their blood pressure checked.  There were also popsicles, fresh fruit, and musical entertainment from radio station 101.5