Recently, the Miami Psychology program hosted its Second Annual Psychology Week. The week was intended as an opportunity to promote awareness about mental health issues and for faculty and students in all fields to come together. Throughout the week students attended presentations, volunteered in the community, and got a chance to present their work to faculty and peers.

Psychology Week began with a presentation by Dr. Melissa Santiago on traumatic brain injuries to educate the campus about the incidence of brain injuries in the college population and provide resources for professionals and families. It also included the return of the popular Positive Post-It Campaign. The post-its were written by the psychology students and were displayed on campus to spread positive thoughts and help boost the confidence of the students during finals week. Over 200 encouraging messages showed up all over the Miami campus ranging from doors to desks. Students also had the opportunity to attend a presentation on careers in Psychology and learn about psychology as a career and the many subfields within psychology with Dr. Noya, the Psychology Program Coordinator for the Miami campus.

The week long event also showcased student projects. Over 40 projects were presented on a wide range of topics, such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, post-traumatic stress disorder, positive psychology, and much more. The following day a meet-and-greet was held that brought together faculty, staff, and students to discuss projects and current topics in the field. It was also a chance for student’s to present their work and learn from one another in an informal setting. The week ended with students volunteering at the Sweetwater Senior Center. This experience allowed students to assist seniors in creating a timeline using visual aids to organize their daily routines and teach the seniors techniques to improve their memory.

Psychology Week was a great opportunity for the Bachelor in Arts in Psychology students to promote the field of psychology, gain presentation and volunteer experience, and partner with the community.

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