The Associate of Science students volunteered to assist with the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation classes at the Holy Cross Wellness Center this term. They aided cardiology nurses, exercise physiologists and other exercise science professionals during the one hour exercise class.

Students were asked to assess blood pressures, heart rates, monitored heart rhythms, and oxygen saturation levels of high risk patients while exercising. These patients have been diagnosed with either cardiovascular disease or pulmonary disease, or some, with both. Exercise is a treatment modality for both such conditions.

This terms course, Exercise Leadership and Special Population Groups, focused upon groups of individuals who, for some specific reason, must have highly specialized exercise prescriptions including direct supervision. At Holy Cross Hospital, the students gained a real world insight into these high risk populations, the challenges they face, and the sense of accomplishment afterward–for both the patient and the student alike.

SMFT volunteer May 2016 (1) SMFT volunteer May 2016 (2)