Keiser University’s Fire Science Department Chair, Fire Captain Tim Beattie shares how to stay safe. Beattie has 38 years’ experience in fire science. He holds degrees in fire science, paramedic science and public safety.



1. Always follow the warning labels and directions on fireworks’ packaging.


2. Steer clear of buying mortar fireworks, where a projectile firework rockets toward the sky, then explodes in the air. These are dangerous and best left for professionals.


3. Wear eye protection to light fireworks.


4. Stand clear of the fireworks – a minimum of 10 to 15 feet is recommended, depending on the type o firework.


5. Light fireworks on a hard, level surface, instead of grass to avoid a fire.


6. Ignite fireworks away from structures, vehicles and people.


7. Keep a hose nearby or a bucket of water.


8. If you light the fuse and the firework doesn’t go off, do not walk up to it and relight it, instead pour water over it and discard.


9. Place used fireworks in a bucket of water. Once it’s soaked, then it’s safe to pull out and throw in the trash.


10. Snap pops are safe for children. Sparklers are also generally safe, but children should always be supervised while using sparklers or any kind of firework.